Choosing What To Import From China

Choosing What To Import From ChinaSometimes, when you want to begin importing/exporting from China, you know what you want to import, but other times, you’re not sure. If you know, that’s great, but if not, there are ways to figure out what works best for you and will bring you the greatest profit. THINGS TO LOOK FOR

  • Look for a gap in the market.
  • Find an extra value you could offer to differentiate your product or service from the current offerings.
  • Research potential products before you make your final decision. You want to be able to sell the product out when it arrives.China is usually thought to be “the world’s factory,” so plenty of products are available choose from. A few things you want may want to consider are:
    • Steel Products
    • Housing Products
    • Furnishings
    • Equipment
    • Textiles
    • Plastic Products
    • Chemicals
    • Other non related products
  • Don’t simply restrict yourself to what you can buy “off-the-shelf.” There are excellent manufacturers in China, and they can customize just about anything to your specifications.
  • To keep it simple and low risk to start your business, go with only one product category which can be obtained from a single supplier in China. It can be complex and complicated when you buy different products from more than one supplier in the same container. If you’re a new entrepreneur, this can increase your risk of failure.


  • Check with your potential customers. Ask what they want and how much they’re prepared to pay for it.
  • Check manufacturing companies to see if the capability to manufacture your product exists in China.
  • Develop a sales, marketing, and distribution strategy.
  • Identify your product and have a business plan.

PRODUCTS YOU SHOULD AVOID Some products are better than others when deciding which to import from China. Some are difficult and should probably be avoided by newcomers. These items include:

  • High value products which require a great deal of capital to buy a small amount of stock
  • Those which show a consistency of going go down in price. This could mean your stock will become worth less than you paid for it.
  • That materials which are quickly superseded
  • Items competitive to resell
  • Low margin items

Remember that the products you import must comply with your country’s standards and regulations. If you’re looking for a brand-name product, be sure to check for an existing exclusive distribution agreement. If one exists, you can’t distribute the product.

With a little work and time, you can become an importer. You can learn how to deal with the Chinese, what products to purchase. Take caution when making your initial investment and you increase your chance of success.


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