Licensing, Business and Product Approvals

Licensing, Business and Product ApprovalsAdministrative licensing covers a number of issues. These include: Business operation, product approval, investment review, and related issues. These issues challenge companies on a daily basis. They can slow investment and expansion. Sometimes, companies have difficulties in obtaining required licenses for doing business. They can wait months for business license approvals even though regulations require decisions in a matter of weeks. Regulator disagreements often result in confusion and delay when applying for permits. If regulations or approval procedures are unclear, they can cause companies to believe that the licensing system may be biased against them.

If you want to get a license from the China Certification and Accreditation Administration, there are several steps you need to take:

  1. Make the application to one of the CNCA-accredited certification bodies. When making the application, you must use the standard form or do it online with a Declaration of Conformity to Chinese standards. You MUST submit the application in Chinese.
  2. You must do sample testing at an accredited CNCA test laboratories. The lab will usually be assigned by the certification body to which the application was submitted. The manufacturer cannot normally choose which lab performs the CCC testing unless a strong argument is presented to justify choosing a specific lab other than the assigned one.

    The sample testing includes both safety and EMC testing. For safety testing, China will accept a CB Test Report with China deviations. If the CB report does not cover China deviations, additional safety testing must be performed in accordance with Chinese standards.

  3. Engineers will be assigned by the certification body to perform factory inspections. The factory inspection will usually lasts two days. A technical engineer and a quality assurance engineer are assigned by the certification body to inspect the facility. There are ten aspects that have to be inspected, including:
    • Documents and records
    • Purchasing and receiving inspection
    • Process control and inspection
    • Routine tests and verification tests
    • Inspection and test equipment
    • Control of nonconforming products
    • Internal audit
    • Changes to certified product
    • Packing, handling, and storage

    The official publication of CCC Implementation Rules gives the definition for each category of products. You must include the following documents with the application for a CCC Mark:

    • If the factory has been inspected for the same product types, include the application for factory inspection or factory inspection report.
    • If you have them, include the business licenses of the manufacturer, factories, and local distributors.
    • Brief introduction of the manufacturer and factories
    • Product description, user manual, and any other related material should be included.
    • Chinese labeling
    • List of critical components
    • Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity
    • Electrical diagrams, block diagrams, circuit diagrams, and assembly diagrams.
    • Include any CB report and CB certificate.
    • If applicable, submit the Power of attorney.

Don’t worry, it’s actually easier than it looks. It is mostly just time consuming. It is easy to find people who can help you with the process online. It is necessary, of course, to research to see they are legitimate. You do need to spend a lot of time, but investing the time it takes to obtain the proper license, business and product approval can well be worth it.


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