Buying Wholesale

Buying WholesaleAs your business expands, you will need to make sure you have a consistent re-stock system. Sometimes, this may require two suppliers. When purchasing large quantities, you need a whole supplier.

The two types of suppliers are:

  • Bulk Lots: This means purchasing large quantities at regular intervals from the supplier. The goods are sent to you so you can store, package and post for selling.
  • Drop Shipping: This means that you pay for goods which you’ve seen or touched. Then, the goods are packaged and posted straight to the customer for you.

There are directories you can go to find wholesalers. Legitimate wholesalers, however, do not go out of their way to find business from low-volume sellers such as eBay sellers. They may not even have their websites optimized for generic keywords like "wholesale supplier." Be careful, and make sure you do the research when selecting a supplier. Sometimes, sites that may come up in a Google search for “wholesale suppliers” may not be legitimate wholesalers. If you find a good, legitimate wholesaler, you can get very good deals.

When you contact a wholesaler, there are a few other things you need consider.

  • If it is a bulk order, make sure you have a good storage for your stock. If you don’t, is using drop shipping possible?
  • Think about the quantities you need to purchase to insure that you have the proper supply to meet your demands.
  • Smaller wholesalers will probably do business with you easily, because they need you as well. If you use one, however, as your business grows you might have a difficult time to keeping up with peak sales seasons.
  • What will the duration of product re-stocking be?
  • Know the weight or volume of your items. If you’re business involves large items, or you require large volumes, it might be hard to handle things without a drop shipper.
  • Test the quality of the product yourself, by purchasing a few items.

If you’re a new customer, wholesalers may be hesitant to open an account with you. There are a few questions that are easy to answer if your business has been around for some time already. Try to confidently answer the following questions:

  • Are you selling other products, and if so, what are you selling?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What are your expected monthly sales?
  • How long have you been in this business?

Answer these questions as confidently and honestly as possible. You don’t want to over-estimate and end up with an abundance of stock you can’t use, but you don’t want to be under-stocked either. You should research carefully to answer the questions, and thoroughly check out your wholesaler. This way, you can increase a good, reliable business relationship with your wholesaler.


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