Creating A Website For Your Chinese Import/Export Business

Creating A Website For Your Chinese Import//Export BusinessYou’ve decided what products you want to import from China, you’ve contacted your supplier, and you’re ready to go. To sell them, you need to have a website. With the internet, the import/export trade is truly a global market. In order to begin taking part in this international trade, the first thing you need to do is find good domain name words and register it as inexpensively as possible.

  • You may be thinking that all the great domain names are gone. That’s not true. All you need is a little creativity, and you can find a great domain for your website. Let’s say you want your site to be wholesalegadgets.com. You can go to godaddy.com, or any other domain search site, and do a search for that name. It may or may not be available. It may be available but at an expensive rate. When it isn’t available, or is too high a price to pay, here are a few tips you can use to alter the name you want so it is available for the price you want to pay:

  • When you begin your import/export business, you have two options for creating your website. You can build it yourself, or hire someone else to do it. It’s obviously going to cost more to hire a website designer. If you want to save money, you can make your own website by purchasing an all-in-one website hosting and design package. The hosting packages usually include website design templates. It is best to find a host that has templates which allow you to customize them and create a unique site for your company.

    You can find web hosting companies that offer free websites. It isn’t difficult to find a host site for under $10/month. That’s a small amount to pay for 24-7 advertising. These are fine for personal sites, but if you want to make a splash in the waters of international trade, it is probably wiser to upgrade to their "Pro" package. This will remove advertisements from your site and keep it from looking “tacky.” Import/export entrepreneurs will tell you that having a professional website can greatly help you establish a good reputation. A good reputation will help you establish a relationship with the Chinese, and to them, relationship is everything.

    Following steps and using templates can make the process of building a website yourself really simple. You simply use the guide to cut and paste text, graphics, video and more. You don’t need to know HTML code. Using information you provide, the website maker does the hard work for you. Here’s what you do:

    • Choose a template—There are many you can choose from, so select the one that works best for you.
    • Customize it—Use the color scheme you want for your business and select layout dimensions. If you want to add new content everyday to your site, you can even choose a blog format.
    • Add Interactive Features—You can use the free widget tool to add lots of great interactive features to your website. These are just like professional designers use. If you want to make extra money, there are even widgets for placing ads on your site. You can even track visitors to your site.
    If you’re in the import/export business, you’ll want to create your own store on your website. You can use WordPress to do this. WordPress is great for a beginning retailer, because it is simple to use. Best of all, it’s free! You can use their website design, and select the MarketTheme to give your online store personality and attract new customers. The program includes the desirable built-in shopping cart system which can integrate paypal. There are many modules you can add to your store for free. It is a very helpful community if you ever have any questions.


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