Buying Merchandise Directly From China

Buying Merchandise Directly From ChinaChina is one of the world’s largest producers, greatly due to its low-cost merchandise. If you buy directly from China, you can skip the middleman and keep your prices low for your customers. Individuals can easily access websites of direct Chinese suppliers. Here’s how you start.

  • First, you must find a manufacturer, product, or supplier. There are many different ways to do it. Here are a few different ways
    1. Referrals, Introductions, or Word-of-Mouth
      Approaches for the process are much like those you use if you’re looking for a job. When you look for a job, you rely on referrals, introductions and word-of-mouth information. It is a very successful way to find a good supplier.  Research the material as much as you can, talk to others you know, and ask them if they have reliable connections in China and who are doing.
    2. Websites
      Online search engines will help you find the product or supplier you want. Chinese suppliers reach their global market by advertising their businesses and products on websites. Most often, when you find a supplier you like online, you will find instructions about its order process. This will help your transactions with China go smoothly.
    3. Written and/or Telephone
      Contact your supplier through mail, email or by phone. If you don’t speak Chinese, and you still want to speak to the supplier, most of the suppliers have their staffs to deal with the language problem. If not, you can find someone to translate for you.
    4. Trade Shows
      There are many trade shows you can attend. The Canton Fair is China’s largest trade show. It is held in three phases in the city of Guangzhou. Hundreds or even thousands of Chinese suppliers from all industries bring products to the Canton Fair for demonstration to international buyers. This is an opportunity to find out how to buy from the seller you want, and to see their products and supplies first hand. If you’re looking for a manufacturers or agents who is reliable and seriously dedicated to their business, the Canton Fair is an excellent place to find them. You usually won’t go wrong if you find your supplier there.
  • After you’ve selected a few suppliers you feel meet your needs, you should visit the suppliers you like in China. This may not be a possible if you’re an individual buyer, but most corporate buyers usually prefer this step. It allows you to meet suppliers in person, see and test potential products, and negotiate pricing in person. A face-to-face meeting with the supplier can greatly assist you to build a relationship with the Chinese supplier.
  • After the supplier has been selected, and you’ve seen and tested the product, you’re ready to make your purchase. Online purchases are simple. You just follow the on-screen instructions as you would with most American retail websites. For purchases from suppliers, just enter your orders as they instruct. If you are business buying in bulk, however, this may need a face-to-face negotiation with the Chinese. It will be beneficial to you to research the Chinese culture and ways of doing business first to make the transaction go smoothly.

You can greatly benefit from import/export with China. Make sure you follow these few simple guidelines, and you will be starting your journey to success in the import/export trade.


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