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Jon Giaan

I first had the opportunity to invest in Peter's information 12 years ago, and around that time I was 36 years old, really struggling to find something that worked for me. I had a young family, three kids and married. And the first bit of information came from products of Peter. It was kind of like of giving me the keys to riches. When I was reading this information, I was thinking, "This is incredible, every single business should be applying this, and they’ll make lots and lots of money." And what I really found is a lot of businesses out there still do not apply this information, shame on them. But I actually embraced it and applied it almost 12 years ago, and since that period of time, the revenue I've generated, I can attribute to that as early beginnings with Peter, which is in the multi-millions of dollars. I’ll tell you now it’s just amazing for me to even represent this figure, In the last twelve years, I’ve generated close to 80 million dollars in sales revenues in the different businesses I've been involved in.

What Peter taught me are amazing fast acceleration business secrets, and obviously being 36 and hungry, I actually dived in big time and embraced everything Peter said and actually kept learning and embracing it.

I applauded you for registering and attending to sit in with Peter and Alex. These two guys have teamed up. It’s a bit of a mix of the old and a bit of the new. And I have to say this I applied all the latest techniques, the SEO, the PayPerClick, the Facebook, the email strategies, the optins, the website – everything that you’re learning from Peter and Alex that took my income absolutely through the roof, exponentially. A lot of income I told you happened in the last 4 years. That’s how powerful what you will be learning is.

"Nothing I learnt at University compared to what I learnt from Peter.

Peter taught me in the simplest of terms exactly how to run and market a successful business.

Success came easily once I followed all steps that Peter's program went through..."

Sonia Amoroso,
voted Entrepreneur of the year 2004

Sonia Amoroso

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